I am an independent digital producer focussed on mobile apps and the web systems that support them.

My apps have been in the New York Times, demoed live by Martha Stewart and awarded Best in Category at the Consumer Electronics Expo. ¬†They’ve been tweeted by Zuckerberg, held #1 in Entertainment for over a week, and downloaded by more than 8 million people.

It takes so many skills to make a successful app: Strategists set requirements, user experience designers turn these into functionality, flows and wireframes. Graphic designers create the look while a software architect directs developers specialized in building the app, the website, and the server. International projects need translators to localize the app into different markets. All the components have to come together at the right time with the right fit. Taking control of this mix and getting it done right is my job.

Hiring me can be your last proactive move. I gather their requirements and content, staff the project and keep everything moving. You’re free to focus elsewhere during development and we’ll regroup for the launch party.

UPDATED: I am no longer taking on projects, but feel free to get in touch if you’d like a recommendation.