JukeSpot – Spotify Music Apps Hack Weekend

What a hackathon!  Filled with distractions both good and bad (the best one was an open bar each night).  Things got pretty loud, what with the live bands and all (is this a hackathon or a concert?) prompting some unique coping mechanisms – from gchatting 3 feet apart to the seclusion womb (pictured).

Geoff, Alex, Clay, Marc and I built a sweet app called JukeSpot that’s a better jukebox for bars.  Bar owners just run the JukeSpot venue app and then everyone can see what’s playing at nearby bars before they go, and pay to insert songs into the queue.  Of course there’s more bells and whistles, bar owners can control what music is available, paying more can move your song up the queue – and you can even buy out the queue at every bar within 10 miles and rickroll all of NYC (if you can afford it).


So how’d we do?  After a disastrous first presentation in which our laptop ran out of battery mid talk we went up again and were able to finish showing it off.  GoGrid awarded us unlimited server usage for a year and we’re enthused enough about the idea to finish it up and get it out there.

We built JukeSpot to use Spotify’s music library since it was a Spotify sponsored event – but in the future we’ll be switching to use the local music library on the bar owner’s laptop or iOS device.

If you’ve got a bar and you’d like to be an early adopter of JukeSpot just comment on this post – and stay tuned for more.  We will be officially available in a few months.

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