FutureProof Retail

Right now (and for the past three years) all of my energy goes into making mobile self scanning a reality for everyday shopping at www.FutureProofRetail.com

Mobile self scanning is both a personal and professional mission. Professionally it is the cheapest fastest and most pleasant method of in person shopping for both shoppers and retailers. Personally, it is an opportunity to unlock an enormous amount of wasted time in communities all over the world – by some estimates the combined time spent waiting at a average grocery store exceeds 216 years per location every year – that’s 3 human lifetimes of effort from people like you and me being spent standing by the magazine racks, waiting while our items are rung up and swiping / tapping / inserting our legacy payment methods. With 33,000 grocery stores in the US alone, a full conversion to mobile self scanning will save 99,000 human lifetimes of effort per year and even more globally. If that seems as crazy to you as it does to me, join me over at FutureProofRetail.com

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